E-filliate began in 1987 as MetroStar, selling and building custom personal computers. Today, E-filliate partners with large-scale retailers to launch bankable, scalable mobile accessories programs.

Instead of stocking your shelves with dust-collecting "legacy" products, E-filliate invigorates your mobile tech department by creating a comprehensive, customized roadmap specific to your store’s needs that grows with your business. As your stores become a destination for the latest mobile accessories, E-filliate provides additional, unique products to help you meet --- and exceed -- your sales goals.

E-filliate has created popular mobile accessory programs for clients like Lowe's, Home Depot, Mid-States Hardware, Orgill Hardware, DEWALT... and we can do the same for you!

From our offices in Asia directly to your shelves, E-filliate engages the customer at different levels, collaborating on the look and size of your program and designing products that will bring high-dollar, quick-turn sales.

E-filliate is equipped with a graphics department that handles private labeling and customized sales collateral, a tech support team that provides immediate assistance to stores and customers, and an EDI-compliant distribution center which operates daily to meet the logistics needs of Fortune 500 retailers.

E-filliate offers a comprehensive set of retail solutions, from off-the-shelf sales leaders to fully developed house brands that can help you succeed in the mobile accessories business.