DeWALT® Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones - Frequently asked questions

    Q. Why is the firm conducting this recall?
    A. We are conducting this recall to keep our customers safe and prevent injuries by removing the problem products.
    Q. How can I tell if my Earphones are affected by the recall?
    A. The words "DEWALT" and "JOBSITE PRO WIRELESS EARPHONES" appear on the front of the package. The product has a black and yellow neckband with wired earbuds. The manufacture code is printed on the left side of the band. Manufacture codes included in this recall are D4 1910, D4 1912, D4 2003, D4 2004, D4 2006, D4 2009, D4 2011, D4 2012, D4 2101, D4 2103, and D4 2104. If no manufacture code is present, the product is included in the recall. There is a photograph of the product itself and where the manufacture code is located in the recall announcement.
    Q. How can I take advantage of the recall?
    Q. What are the instructions if I want to mail in the product?
    A. We will email you a link to access a printable, pre-paid shipping label that you can use to mail the product to us. If you prefer, we will send you the shipping label by mail. Be sure to include your name, address and email address so that we can deliver your replacement product.

    For Replacement, please click here.

    Q. What is the problem with my Earphones?
    A. The Earphones can overheat during charging or use and pose a burn or fire hazard.
    Q. My Earphones appear to be operating okay. Can I continue to use them?
    A. No. Even though your product appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to immediately stop using it, and participate in the recall by returning the product to the retailer for an approved replacement product.
    Q. I no longer have the receipt for the product. Can I still return it?
    A. Yes. You can still return the product without a receipt.